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CAW achieves successful outcomes by artfully synthesizing varied objectives and priorities, mixture and degree of elements, and timing and execution of each in isolation and collectively to achieve desired affect.
Courageous Artificial Intelligence Weapons Defense Systems
His Excellency Dr. Rollan Roberts, Asymmetrical Warfare.

Reinventing the art & strategy of Warfare

CAW leadership
His Excellency Dr. Rollan Roberts is President of the United States Center for Diplomacy. As an authorized, registered Foreign Agent with the U.S. Department of Justice, H.E. Dr. Roberts provides extensive governance, infrastructure, and military development services for governments in distress worldwide. He was nominated to the Central Command Task Force for the U.S. Department of Defense and appointed to the U.S. Delegation to South Sudan where he assists with the stabilization of the transitional to permanent government. He serves as an advisor to national governments on matters of diplomacy, national security, entrepreneurship, education, and water. He also currently serves as Special Advisor to several foreign Presidents and has successfully negotiated peace among warring factions and structured safety protocols and judicial framework for Level 4 threat countries. He assisted the COVID White House Task Force in the early days of the pandemic, was an advisor on the U.S.-China Trade War, and addressed China's government on trade relations at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. H.E. Dr. Roberts addressed world leaders at Harvard University and is the former CEO of the Hoverboard Company, the best-selling consumer product globally in 2015. He was given the African diplomatic designation of His Excellency as Peace Ambassador to Nations from the International College of Peace Studies.